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Marvin Sin

Born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn, New York, Marvin Sin is a self-taught artist working in the medium of leather.  His creative journey began as a child seeking expression through drawing and painting.  This youthful hobby was elevated to the level of lifelong passion during the Black Arts movement of the early 1970’s.   “The artists I met in Harlem during that period were a great influence on me.  The Weusi Artists of Harlem, the Africobra Artists of Chicago, the Black Theater Movement, the poetry, dance, fashion  and the general spirit of celebrating African culture shaped my creative and political sensibilities powerfully and permanently."

"I began a personal search for a medium of expression that embodied the African tradition of functional art and was introduced to leather by college roommate J. Larry Frazier.   I found in leather a medium that allowed me to draw, paint, sculpt and master a craft that was utilitarian.”   Under the banner “The Art of Leather” Mr. Sin has created his own distinct, and instantly recognizable style for rendering an impressive collection of  leather art accessories.   

Celebrating his 30th Anniversary in 1998, Marvin Sin is into his fourth decade of leather creativity, and is well established as one of the preeminent leather craftsmen in the nation.   His trademark representations of Black Women in all their magnificence and glory has truly endeared him to his loyal national and international clientele of proud and self-affirmed African American Woman.   “I am simply embracing an international esthetic truth: The Black Woman is a worldwide symbol of beauty and power”   

His repertoire of imagery is expansive, incorporating Khemetic (Egyptian) forms and symbols; the limitless sources of African art, craft, and culture, inspirations from nature, as well as cosmic and geometric references.    Hand painted colors enliven the designs that often feature three dimensional sculptural detail.  A myriad of leathers in a variety of colors and textures, multiplied by an infinite source of design imagery, multiplied by an ever-expanding collection of styles and rendering of bags, wallets, briefcases et al suggests that the creative universe inhabited by Marvin Sin is infinite and increasing.   

" I create my works of art on leather as functional objects and as a media of communication.   They flow around the globe as a perpetual traveling exhibition, radiating the energy reflected by beautiful, uplifting and empowering imagery.   I have experienced and am a true believer in the power of art to transform lives.    Thee greatest lesson I have learned on this wonderful journey is that art and creativity are not limited to the talented few, but reside within us all and that the greatest medium for creativity is life itself in all its forms and complexities.   Vision and imagination are precursors for every action.   The challenge is to free our minds and enlarge our dreams of what is possible and desirable.  We have the power.”   

Marvin Sin is currently the owner of “The Art of Leather by M.Sin”’ a fine art/craft leather accessories manufacturing concern, and CEO of Windsor Artworks, Inc a crafts design and production enterprise, both of which are based in rural Windsor, North Carolina.    Mr. Sin is also President of the Black Gold Group, a business focused association of Artists, Craftspeople, and Designers.    

Previous affiliations include Pres., Blackfrica Promotions, Inc. (cultural productions); Vice-Pres., Uptown Chamber of Commerce (Harlem business association): Vice-Pres., National Conference of Artists.           

A self described Artist and Cultural Nationalist, Mr. Sin has advocated and organized for a wide range of issues combining art/craft, culture, economics and politics.   Mr. Sin serves as a Senior Advisory Board Member of the IBBMEC (International Black Buyers and Manufacturers Expo & Conference).   And a member of the GABA Golden Age of Black Art) Steering Committee, an artists collective encouraging the application of creative design principles to the shaping of the New Afrikan Future, one decade at a time. 

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